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Posted by on May 23, 2011 in Keter Sheds | 0 comments

A Closer Look at What Keter Sheds Have to Offer

A Closer Look at What Keter Sheds Have to Offer

One of the most popular and underrated plastic  shed brands are Keter sheds. They compare extremely well with any of the leading storage solution providers and they provide a wide range of plastic sheds including the horizontal variety, vertical and big shed solutions of which the Keter Apex is very popular.

The Apex measures 6 x 3 and boasts a steel reinforced structure, floor panel and a ventilation vent. It is easy to assemble and like all plastic sheds requires little or no maintenance. The 6 x 3 is particularly suited to the storage of long handled equipment like ladders, rakes and even barbeque equipment.

The Apex also comes in the 8 x 6 size and this size will cost you around $1,000 and all Apex sheds come in a nice, neutral brown and beige color which blends nicely into your garden no matter what your color scheme is.

All of these sheds are manufactured from polypropylene which makes them kinder to the environment than other vinyl or pvc sheds as polypropylene is nearly completely recyclable.

This brand also provide a nice range of accessories such as shelving comes with a 7 year warranty. Keter also make a nice line of plastic storage units for anyone who is very restricted in their space available and provide horizontal units with slide out lids and other vertical units which are ideal for keeping not just garden equipment, but also excess odds and ends from your house.

Your bins and bicycles can easily be kept out of the worst excesses of the weather and kept securely stored and the wide range of storage units from Keter ranging from these small and mid sized  boxes to the more traditional looking and larger big sheds means there is a definite solution for practically every eventuality.

Keter also supply dog boxes and storage boxes such as deck boxes for your patio and decking area not to mention their indoor  boxes which are ideal for organizing your shoes, tools, toys, linen, laundry, children’s clothes and so on.

Benefits of Keter plastic sheds

The main benefits of these storage boxes can be summarised as follows:

1)      Durability and low maintenance

2)      Ease of assembly

3)      Weather resistance

4)      Broad range for every conceivable storage problem.

A vinyl shed will bear very favorable comparison with a metal or wooden shed and the Keter Bellevue is another well worth taking a close look at.

The Bellevue is great for tractor mowers because it boasts double doors which make it easy to get your mower in and out-it also has a water collection gutter, ventilation and a skylight.

If you are shopping for a cheap shed you will be most successful if you carry out some basic research online first. This will allow you to compare the offerings of leading suppliers and compare the options, ranges and prices from the comfort of your own home. It is a good way to  compare designs as well. You may find you enjoy the rattan appearance, that they are typically known for and this can often go well with the rest of your decor.

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