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DIY Aquaponics Made Easy

Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Vegetable Gardening | 0 comments

Aquaponics is the combination of aqualculture and hydroponics. This is successful with the right kind of environment in a pond or a tank located in a greenhouse. The size will obviously depend on the area that you have available. Certain fish as well as crops can be farmed all year round which will save you both money and time so knowing what to have in your environment is key.

The type of equipment to think of getting will depend on your budget and also the area that you are covering.

*Fish Tank – You can get both a rectangular and a round fish tank. Most people will go for the rectangular variety, simply because it uses up less space. When you are constructing this make sure you add some height to it because this will prevent things like frogs and quite possibly snakes from getting inside. A vinyl will go at the bottom and once that is set in place you can start to fill the tank up slowly. It may be best to buy round tanks that are already made. They are usually made of corrugated steel.

*Tank Drain System- this is placed at the bottom of the tank and the purpose is to collect all of the waste. You can install this with PVC connections.

*Wate Removal- The installation of a sump tank is needed for any uneaten food, fish excretement or dust. If nothing is done about this the nitrogen can build up. This pump creates a dead spot where all of the waste settles and the tank is easy enough to clean out.

*Bio-filtration- This is very handy because it is where nitrate is converted from ammonia, which can do a lot of damage. It does this with the use of bacteria. It also produces various other acids, which get the pH levels just right.

*Aeration- This is needed to get rid of any extra gasses that have built up. You can do this by placing aeration stones at the bottom of the tank, but there are many other ways in which this can be achieved.

*Grow Bed Medium- You first have to decide what type of plants you want to grow. Your choice of medium will also depend on the type of system you have. This medium should be natural and should not have been near petroleum, insecticides or any chemicals whatsoever. You could use some type of gravel from a river bed, but it should be the right size. If it is too small then you will find that it is going to clog up the system so this is something to keep in mind. Make sure that it is completely clean as well.